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Our Story

85 Years of Giving Back

Remember the carefree days of childhood, when you didn’t feel guilty about spending money that you should be saving for gas for your vehicle?  And back then, the family budget included celebrating even the small things, out at restaurants with everyone.

At Old-Fashioned Deals Company, we provide you with coupons and specials, simple discounts with cash coming off your bill....  deals how they used to be.  


With today's economy and gas prices through the roof, we help Americans make ends meet.  

The goal of our company is simply to help everyone for the greater good.  How do we do this?  We help you, our friends, families, and fellow customers, by giving you coupons, so you have more money left over in the pot at the end of the day.  We help your community, by promoting local businesses and encouraging local spending.  And we contribute to the fabric of society by not charging restaurant owners to participate with us, and donating to numerous organizations.  

All it takes is a willingness for us all to unite and try, for us all to trust just a little.  It's a small price to pay for greater economic freedom for our future.  Trust us to help you enjoy more carefree moments living your best life.

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